I’ve been so fortunate in my showbiz career to work and consult with some of the most comitted, hard working, intelligent and talented artists and entrepreneurs. However, most of the time, the conversation is not focused on their success but rather their sins.

Here are just a few sins that we artists & treps consistently commit—against ourselves:

— Allowing the drama of the day to steal our focus and obstruct our work.
— Resisting “change” as if it were the enemy.
— Setting attainable goals instead of impossible ones.
— Sabotaging the project 3/4 of the way through.
— Faking it!
— Allowing others to direct our destiny.
— Procrastinating until we have to run a mad-dash to the finish.
— Permitting pettiness to dictate our to-do list.
— Allowing fear of failure to thwart a worthwhile project.
— Believing the demon of doubt is actually the voice of reason.
— Taking the low road even when the high road is always less congested.
— Waiting to become rich and famous, before helping others.

Important because absolution is in our control.

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