1) Begin to slowly include a higher caliber of like-minded people into your life. Not necessarily rich or famous or super successful. More like deep thinkers with big hearts and healthy outlooks, who are savvy, wise and aware of the new showbiz landscape, and who care deeply about what matters to them and others.

2) Re-connect with your confidence, and get puffed-up and cocky about it! Confidence is everything! It trumps resistance, obliterates self-doubt, and reinforces any argument, disagreement, negotiation, or pitch presentation.

3) Remain inside the process. When you sit or stand face to face, directly in front of the work you resist the most, inspiration fills the room and fresh ideas float around your head like bright, colored lightbulbs!

4) Invest in your personal and business enterprise by investing in the tech tools you use to make great things happen. Don’t skimp on this one. The tech tools we use today, including phones, pads, laptops, software etc. are by far the most important, essential, invaluable, indispensable items we own. Update your software and upgrade your hardware to the maximum amount you can sensibly afford. And thank God we live in a time where we have great tools to manifest our great ideas!

5) Remain aware, awake and conscious! Be vigilant that your goals, thoughts, words, actions, heart and wallet are all aligned…like ducks in a row!

Important because as a conscious, creative, aware artist/trep, you have access to a remarkable reserve of intuitive knowing. A distinct, unique insight that allows you to see beyond the mundane, directly into the heart of the matter. And the most effective “solution” to any critical challenge for a pro artist or a seasoned entrepreneur is to take a deep look at what is truly and honestly wanted and needed, and simply provide it: in your business, art, music, writing, acting, staff, reps, clients, customers, readers, patients, personal life, etc. Not like new age positive thinking, more like using your own innate abilities and gut feelings to see the truth of the matter and respond to it intelligently.

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