The ground is dependable. We need the ground to build things on and grow things… like our dreams and goals. It’s also where we take a stand, and stand our ground, especially when the things start shaking!

Here’s how to tell if you’re grounded: 

— As the world presents around you, you remain mindful of the part you play, and at the same time, committed to your personal goals, dreams and projects, and all the responsibilities that go with them.

You actually make choices and decisions based on research rather than assumptions.  

— You keep up with current events; however, you avoid falling into the rabbit holes of distraction that accompany them.

— Your thoughts, words, and actions align with your values and principles.

You have the insight to take a deeper look at what is truly wanted and needed, and you simply provide it.

— You are open to self-reflection and personal growth.

Important because being grounded doesn’t mean winning. What it means is that you’re in touch with reality, especially when things seem unreal, and you’re able to intelligently navigate the chutes & ladders that come your way, especially when there are more chutes than ladders.

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