It’s not the art you create or the music you write or the business you run—you’re really good at all that. It’s the “resistance” to actually “starting” the next project. Unfortunately the beast of resistance is so sly he can convince even the most committed artists and entrepreneurs to avoid “starting” just a little while longer:

“Perhaps you should clean the studio before you begin working.”
“Maybe now’s a good time to scan through the emails.”
“You’ve got the rest of the week to prepare that presentation.”
“First go run errands, then come back and start the project.”

Ring a bell? The brute called Resistance will stop at nothing to prevent you from taking even one step toward your next project. However, the professional artist knows that the conflict between starting the work and avoiding it takes place on the inner battlefield, and that the only way to win the war is to get into the studio and start creating. And the professional entrepreneur knows that his place is at the helm of the company breaking through opposition, confronting indecision, staring resistance in the face and “doing the work.”

Kind of like, continuing to put on your tennis shoes, at the same time the beast of resistance relentlessly recites a litany of reasons why you don’t have to jog today.

All that said, go up and ask ANY artist or entrepreneur if this daily battle is worth it, and you’ll get a loud resounding, “Are you crazy! Of course it’s worth it!” Because the professional knows that once you defeat the mighty demon of resistance, you’re on your way to a glory that’s only reserved for the battle-worn warrior. Once you actually START, and begin doing the work, you’re in your own world—at one with your task, giddy with your art, lost in your dance. Once you commit, and the tip of the brush finally touches the canvas, everything changes and you’re in the zone—and once you’re in the zone, as Deepak Chopra would say, you’ve entered the “quantum field of ALL possibilities!”

I’ve said it many times: “you’re not alone.” Every artist and entrepreneur in the world, successful or not, knows exactly what you go through to maintain your adventurous, risky lifestyle. Don’t forget, if resistance couldn’t be ass-kicked, there would be no Van Gogh, no Beatles, and no Steve Jobs!

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