It was a sub-zero, unknown location just outside Metropolis. It’s where he went to contemplate his challenges and calculate his next move. It was Superman’s “creative space.”

I have challenges too. I have books in progress, clients to care for, groups to meet with, blogs to write, correspondence to answer and ideas to launch. However today, more and more, there’s just so many time-sucking, thought-robbing distractions that steal my attention and reek-havoc with my priorities. Just like Lex Luthor, “resistance” grabs hold of me and slows my drive and weakens my will.

It’s times like these when I need to be ruthlessly committed and rigorously disciplined. This is when I remind myself of what’s most important to me. This is when I promise myself that none of my goals will ever be achieved without my focused attention. This is when I recall what Jimmy Olsen always said to Lois Lane: “This is a job for Superman!”

Then I barricade myself in my creative space—my private “Fortress of Solitude,” where I ass-kick resistance and hunker down with my work starring me right in the face. Then I fearlessly forge head-on, directly into the path of my goals and dreams!

Important because every artist and entrepreneur needs a “fortress of solitude” (whether it’s inside or out) where we contemplate our challenges, dream our dreams, and ass-kick resistance!

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