Inside The Box: where the “known” lives.
Outside The Box: where “uncertainty” lurks.

Inside The Box: the “right way to go.”
Outside The Box: frowned upon by the others.

Inside The Box: common sense at work.
Outside The Box: nonsense at play.

Inside The Box: withheld expression.
Outside The Box: full self-expression.

Inside The Box: requires conformity.
Outside The Box: requires courage.

Inside The Box: incarcerated.
Outside The Box: liberated.

Inside The Box: where the Caterpillar dwells.
Outside The Box: where the Butterfly soars.

While others insist on “tried & true,” artist & entrepreneurs get anxious and antsy when confined to any kind of regular routine. And while it’s the destiny of the others to maintain the status quo, it’s the destiny of artist & entrepreneurs to climb out of the box and report back to us what they find—through their lyrics, screenplays, art, books, music, movies, websites and extraordinary products and services.

So, are you in or out?

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