You’re an artist, an entrepreneur, which makes you different from the others—not better, just different. You have a special place (inside), a ‘field” that you can go to make stuff up, write a song, paint a picture, write a script, design a building, or conceive your next business strategy. It’s also the same place you can go to figure out how to make a buck…or a million of them.

Others don’t know where that field is. Really. They have other gifts, like the ability to sell, or market, or read a blueprint, or follow a plan. They know how to finance it, build it, and distribute it. But YOU know how to invent it, create it, design it, and imagine it.

Others rely on research and knowledge, and proven methods.

You can do that too. However YOU have the upper hand, the unique advantage of creative insight, keen intuition, limitless inspiration, and the rare ability to pull great ideas out of thin air.

I believe that gift you have, that special talent that makes you YOU, that whisper you hear, is coming directly from your own personal creative muse, the goddess of art, the queen of imagination—the Greeks call her “Mousai.” It’s coming from deep within your soul, from “Divinity” or Divine inspiration, and it’s coming from the quantum “field” of all possibilities. Honor it, respect it and learn to trust it. Above all, use this gift to make life a little better. Not only for you, but for all of us.

“There is no place for grief in a house which honors the Muse.” ― Sappho

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