Kobe Bryant, captain of the Los Angeles Lakers is arguably one of the world’s greatest basketball players (in spite of what happened in the playoffs). When asked: “How do you deal with players waving their huge hands in front of your face when you’re trying to make a shot?” Kobe replied: “What hands? I don’t see any hands, I only see the basket.”

What’s the message here for us in showbiz? Everyone has an opinion on how to make it in today’s new thrilling techno-biz; how to make a hit record, how to get a million YouTube views, how to build a profitable website, how to get your script read. Do we run with Spotify or wait and see? Do we lease a smaller studio and cut the budget? Should I follow my dream or follow the money? All these choices, decisions and opinions are like waving hands in your face attempting to block your shot at the ultimate goal.

Here’s how I make the hands go away: To the degree I have a crystal clear vision of the project; and to the degree I remain committed and true to that vision no matter what; and to the degree that every decision I make correlates with my commitment; then to THAT degree I rarely see the distractions and usually have a clear shot at my goal. Sometimes I hit the rim, other times I swish. However, the less I allow opinions, gossip, hearsay and hoopla to distract me, the closer I get to achieving victory.

So what’s the lesson here? Always keep your eye on the basket? Have clear goals in mind? Don’t be distracted by the hoopla? KNOW that you’re the MVP and just take the shot? You tell me…

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