If one of your great ideas or worthy projects has finally started to take root and build some momentum, now is not the time to take your foot off the pedal, now is the time to floor it! Why? Because it’s at this time, when the pique excitement for a new idea or project begins to slowly give way to the reality of manifesting it. The money, time, responsibility and viability of the project begins to look daunting, and it’s at that point the monkey between our ears steps in and want’s to play. Even the most professional artists & treps sabotage their own credible projects, meaningful ventures, and personal goals and dreams, because of doubt, fear or a lack of confidence.

Watch out for it. The sabotage monkey will do you in every time. If you’re the leader of a group, owner of a small biz, or the president of a big corp. you have to watch out for others doing the monkey business. However, if you’re the CEO of your own world you have to watch out for yourself!

Important because always be vigilant of your own dark side creeping in to wreak havoc.

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