You stand on the shoulders of every career choice, every business decision and every showbiz relationship you ever had. You also stand tall on every  success you’ve achieved, failure you’ve endured, battle you’ve won, mountain you’ve climbed and pinnacle you finally reached. Not to mention, every bond you broke, every lie you told, every dollar you stole and every soul you hurt has led you to this very moment in your independent, entrepreneurial career.

That said, for better or worse, never forget who you are at the core:

Your extraordinary talent and acquired skill to create music, write scripts, tell stories, portray characters, direct visuals, lead teams, and produce worthy and extraordinary products and services, overcomes the tug toward the same o’l, every day, unremarkable mediocrity.

Your unique youthful enthusiasm to take a risk and enjoy the thrill of grabbing on to a spontaneous idea out of thin air, then developing it, manifesting it, and presenting it to fans, clients and customers, crushes the tug to take it slow and plan ahead.

Your eager willingness to stand in front of a camera, small group or huge audience, and entertain, motivate, educate or inspire, upstages the desire for mere acknowledgement.

Your insightful awareness to recognize the high road, surpasses the impulse to take the low one.

Important because in my experience, pro artists and entrepreneurs are always smarter than they think, stronger than they seem and braver than they believe. However, with so many uncertain twists & turns and radical ups and downs in your crazy showbiz career, it’s easy to forget who you are, what you’re capable of, where you came from, and where you’re headed.

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