I know it can be frustrating, I get frustrated too. However, frustration is a sign that you’re working really hard, mentally and physically, on something worthy of your talent and deserving of your creative expertise.

I know it can be doubtful and uncertain. I mostly reside in uncertainty too. However, while certainty may point to a tried ‘n true predictable outcome, uncertainty points to alternative options and unlimited possibilities.

I know it can be costly, I’ve been there too. However, if what you’re going for is worthwhile, and if what you’re trying to achieve not only benefits you, but also everyone involved, including your fans, clients and customers, then the payoff is worth the cost, and the ROI is priceless.

I know it can be defeating, I have felt the agony of defeat too. However, defeat shows that you’re on the playing field—where victory lives. You’re not just on the sidelines hoping to get into the game.

Important because if you get stuck by one of these thorns it’s not because you were careless. On the contrary, it’s because you were reaching for a higher branch.

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