There’s no excuse any more for not getting it right. There’s just too much information available, so much factual data, so many useful tools, so many ways to search for answers and seek out opportunities.

There are so many investors looking for great ideas, and so many great ideas looking for resources. There are so many enlightening seminars and classes, and great teachers and personal coaches. So many great books and helpful videos, and interviews with folks just like you, who share how they conquered their circumstances or “came back” after multiple failures.

There’s so much information about the “tech revolution” and how to grasp it, and the “connection revolution” and how to exploit it. And there’s plenty of information about the industries that have crashed (music, publishing, etc.) and how to traverse your way through the rubble.

More than anytime in history there is finally enough “knowledge” to navigate your way out of crummy circumstances, and pilot your self into just about any situation you desire. The only things that may be missing are the timeless essentials; the wisdom (and honesty) to recognize your true dharma (your real purpose), the confidence to go for it, and the courage (and patience) to persevere. In my experience working with artists and entrepreneurs, these essentials are why most folks continue to question why it’s taking so long.

In her tear-jerking acceptance speech, after winning the Oscar for best supporting actress (12-years A Slave), Lupita Nyong’o expressed her wish that her “unknown-to-Oscars” trajectory would inspire someone watching at home to go for it! Because, as she explained: “No matter where you’re from or what your circumstances are, your dreams are valid and reachable.”


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