You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve asked the question and gotten the same answer: What kind of music do you play? “It’s hard to explain.” What’s your screenplay about? “It’s hard to explain.” What are your immediate plans for the future? “It’s hard to explain.”

Sounds a bit arrogant to me. It suggests that your art, product or plans may be too esoteric or perplexing or over my head and it’s hard to find the words to explain it to me. Do you really want us to follow your work or do you just want to impress us with your brilliance?

If you really want us as a fan, customer or advisor it’s probably best to continue working on a clear, articulate way of explaining; who you are, what you’re offering and what you want from us.

Important because you can’t build a dream if you can’t clearly and intelligently explain what it is.

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