If you can just stand back and point your lens at today’s entertainment industry, then shift your POV just a couple of degrees, you should be able to see that there are so many more opportunities today then ever before in the history of show business. And after observing our esteemed industry slowly transform with the times, there is no doubt that the Internet, specifically Netflix, Amazon and Spotify have disrupted the traditional content-distribution supply chain and caused profound changes in the entertainment industry…for the better and forever!

That said, if we artists & entrepreneurs (especially composers, actors, writers, directors, small biz owners and big dreamers) continue to resist the exponential transformation that is currently taking place in our awesome industry (specifically in television, movies, music and publishing); and if we fail to educate ourselves or go through the necessary learning curve (and alert our agents, managers and reps to do the same), then we will always be stuck in indecision and baffled as to which way to go. We will always be faking our conversations and pretending to have answers. We will always be juggling our priorities, changing our goals and redefining our commitments. And we will always be “almost” making it and forever chasing our dreams instead of catching them!

Important because This is not the year to hold back and wait—it’s the time to jump into the deep end of the pool! These are the days of the creative artist and the fearless entrepreneur. And if you can relate or resonate at all to what I’m saying, then this is YOUR time!

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