This is what the voice of time pesters me with every day:

– You’re wasting me!

– You’ll never have enough of me!

– Don’t be late!

– The clock is ticking!

– You’re not getting any younger!

– Quit trying to save me!

– After all these years, you still haven’t learned how to manage me!

Important because there are so many important things to do;

so many great ideas waiting to be born,

so many things to fix,

so many worthwhile projects to start,

so many great songs to compose,

so many inspiring scripts to pitch,

so many jaw-dropping start-ups to launch,

so many ways to contribute,

so many ways to make a difference,

so many people to help,

and so many opportunities to create art that inspires, entertainment that encourages and ideas that matter. It’s a shame that we hastily kill off our precious time, hour by hour, pretending that our aimless clicking and petty distractions are somehow making a difference.

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