When artists and treps prepare for the new year it’s like packing for a trip; we take a look at what adventures and challenges may lie ahead, and we pack accordingly. Here are three essential things you’ll need in 2024, and three things you should definitely leave behind:

What to Leave Behind:

Your Wining Formula: You were in a different place when your winning formula was an original plan, and now it’s the success story of the past you keep telling yourself over and over. And the worst part is, it feeds your fear of change! The truth is, you know your winning formula is no longer effective when you’ve stopped telling people where you’re going, and your now telling stories about where you’ve been.

Rational Thinking! Although it’s logical and predictable, rational thinking can also stifle your creativity and dam up your consistent, free-flowing stream of crazy, genius ideas. Therefore, the very last thing we want when we’re standing toe-to-toe with uncertainty is to think rationally! Leave it behind and grab “creative thinking” instead. 

Your Worries! Ok, you can bring just one worry with you. But not all of them! You don’t have to worry about all your worries all at once! Your worries are manageable! If you’re a worry-wart then at least learn to triage, and worry about the most important one first! The rest will wait their turn.

What to Bring:

A Beginners Mind! Not because Suzuki wrote the best selling book, more because everything in our beloved industry is exponentially changing right before our eyes. And what we think we know for sure today will turn out to be outdated, dinosaur data tomorrow.

Your Unique Talent! Be sure to bring your exceptional abilities, impossible ideas, and that uncommon quirk that no one else in the world has but you. Add to that, the remarkable skill you have to create your way out of gnarly situations and crummy circumstances. Without that, you’ll be constantly shanghaied by crummy circumstances and gnarly situations!

The Bigger You! Conjure up the biggest vision or version of yourself. The person you aspire to be at the very highest level you can imagine; confident, intelligent, successful, healthy, kind, generous, etc.. Then start living your life, and managing your career as if you’ve already arrived. Not like positive thinking, more like a natural way of being.

Important because pro artists & treps should travel light going into this coming year of possibility, uncertainty and change. Simply because we’re going to need all the elbow room, breathing room, and thinking room we can get in order to navigate the long and winding road ahead. 2024 is a blank canvas on which we have the opportunity to paint a future that aligns with our vision for a more diverse, just, peaceful, sustainable, and joyful world. And it is in our hands to shape this future. Why?  Because dreamers, artists, musicians, writers, actors, directors, producers, and socially conscious entrepreneurs are still, by far the most trusted and effective influencers on the planet! My only hope with this year-end blog is that after the party is over, and the ball drops in time square, you are inspired to head back to your studio or penthouse office, and make a ruthless resolution to stand tall, step up your game, and swing for the fences! Happy New Year!

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