Listen to any discouraged business owner, frustrated manager, confounded author, or crestfallen musician and they’ll tell you endless stories of the way things were, recite countless reasons why things are worse today, and insist that their way is still the only way that’s been “proven” to work.

Listen to any “Generation Z” young’n and they’ll show you detailed algorithms on where things are headed, endless data to prove that “disruption” is inevitable, and a daunting warning that you better catch up with the technology, or stand aside.

However if you talk to other “like minded” pro artists & entrepreneurs, who are currently knee-deep in the hoopla of their career, they will tell you how the industry is operating TODAY. They will share with you how to navigate the obstacles and circumvent the challenges TODAY. They will give you an accurate narrative direct from the muddy playing field TODAY.

And While others stand in the bleachers and “rant n’ rave” about how better it was, or how different it’s going to be, it’s the creative A&E’s like you, who are hard at work, day after day, pushing the envelope, taking the risks, and building a dream.

Need advice or direction? Ask one of your own kind.

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