The inspiration for a great idea doesn’t linger, and a light bulb over the head doesn’t stay lit forever. When an idea, vision or melody begins to bubble up inside, you must act on it soon or it will slowly find it’s way to another artist who will. That’s not to say you have to jump on every idea you have. It just means that if you snub it, you’ll lose it—simply because there are far too many distractions and excuses that arise at the same time that will eventually “thwart” it. Make sense? You can’t surrender to the dog “Procrastination.” When inspiration hits, you’ve got to grab the bucket and start sloshing color all over the canvas. You’re an artist, an entrepreneur, your first reaction to inspiration and intuition is much more acute then others. Why? Because you’re a channel for a never-ending flow of creative thinking, and your (uncertain) independent, artistic lifestyle depends on your ability to download and process good ideas and great visions. That’s why you chose to be an artist or entrepreneur in the first place (or rather, IT chose you)—because it’s rooted in your being, it’s embedded in your DNA, it’s your Karmic Dharma! So the best thing to do when a great idea unexpectedly arrives: honor it, respect it, be grateful for it, and use it to make something extraordinary.

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