With a spectacular rock concert style production, Apple just announced their new line of products at their annual keynote extravaganza, starring CEO, Tim Cook. Doesn’t matter if you like Apple products or not. Also doesn’t matter if you’re a singer/songwriter, tribute band, business owner, or VP of a mega-corp., there’s plenty to learn from the most successful company on earth:

1) Anticipation: While it’s true they may leak their own rumors, the fact that Apple keeps a tight-lip about their upcoming products, builds anticipation in the media, anxiousness in the competition, and a salivating hunger in their fans & customers. —You could do the same thing.

2) Original: Apple doesn’t emulate or copy anyone—they never have. They are always first out of the chute with innovative, new, “never before” tried products—which others quickly follow behind frantically trying to reproduce what Apple has created. —You could do the same thing.

3) Beginning of the end: Just like the iPhone was the beginning of the end for “just” telephones, the “Apple Watch” is the beginning of the end for watches that only tell time, and “Apple Pay” is the beginning of the end for cash, checks and credit cards. —You could do the same thing.

4) Extraordinary: There’s a reason they charge more. Their products are truly the best and most reliable products in the world, hands down—best computers, best phones, best tablets, best customer service, and now best watches. —You should also strive to be “the best in the world” at your particular talent, product, service or art.

BONUS: Once again Apple has made a dent in the music industry by giving away U2’s new album to 1.3 billion people for free. Making it the largest release of a single album in history! What U2 does with that sudden global saturation remains to be seen. (Something really smart I hope.)

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