In addition to exceptional talent and extraordinary skills every artist and entrepreneur needs these three miracles:

1. Escort: We need somebody who believes in our mission, supports our efforts, points the way or introduces us to others in the inner circle with the wherewithal to make things happen. No one has ever accomplished their biggest goals or made it in the entertainment industry without a helping hand or expert direction from someone else. No one…ever.

2. Resolve: We need Herculean strength and Wonder Woman balls to dispel the noisy distractions of the day, and lift our cursory commitment up to a new level of ruthless resolve. And then park there indefinitely.

3. Luck? I’m not a believer in luck, it’s too illusive and unreliable for me. However, I love what Roman philosopher Seneca said: “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” That said, I think the third miracle is less about luck and more about developing a razor-sharp, fail-safe antenna. So we can see & seize those sudden, unexpected opportunities without flinching or pausing to ponder. And while others depend on hope & luck, we need to keep our radar tweaked, and remain alert & aware enough to recognize the telltale signs of an impromptu opportunity. Just like smart market investors do.

Important because while it’s true that others look at artists & entrepreneurs like WE are the miracle workers, it’s also nevertheless true that we need all the miracles we can get, to help us create all the miracles that others expect from us.

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