It’s a very cool cocktail party with your friends and family, where you get to exchange funny stories, post crazy pix and videos, argue about politics, announce your happenings, and keep up with intimate family news and updates. Oh, and have 1000 people wish you happy birthday!

However, when it comes to doing business, nothing is more effective than your own website. That said, Facebook has become the lazy man’s business card, and many artists & entrepreneurs, even pros & CEO’s seem to think that their Facebook page is enough. Here’s why it’s not:

Facebook is Mark Zuckerbergs’ website, designed how he wants it to look and function.
Your Website is designed exactly how you want it to look and function. It should reflect your style and that of your brand, and make available your art and commerce.

Marks Website: if you launch a post on FB you HOPE that your fans, clients and customers see it—as they quickly scan through many others—spreading “Likes” like flower petals. And the illusion is that those “Likes” will translate into dollars.
Your Website: If you send a weekly email or blog directly to your fans, clients and customers you KNOW they’ll see it—then you can entice them to visit your site, experience your art, consider your new offerings, and make a purchase.

Mark’s Website: FB advertisers target your followers much better than you do. They stalk your fans and customers and lure them into clicking on those targeted ads that mysteriously show up at just the right time.
Your Website: Your fans and customers are there because they have chosen to visit your site and discover more about who you are and what you have to offer them.

Mark’s Website promotes petty distraction and provokes habitual procrastination—which sadly, keeps you a safe distance from focusing on your big goals and impossible dreams.
Your Website provides an opportunity to experiment, and create new innovative ways to connect with your fans and customers, and grow your presence on the Internet.

Mark’s Website is HIS digital storefront and you’re extremely limited with what you can do.
Your Website is YOUR digital storefront and the possibilities are literally endless with what you can do.

P.S. When he started out, Mark didn’t have Facebook to help promote his company. All he did was create something so cool, so awesome, so worthwhile, so beautiful and simple, that you spread the word for him—every single day, with everyone you know. That is a marketing lesson you should apply to your own creative world, any way you can!

P.S.S. I would never suggest that you abandon Facebook. And if you’re using Facebook as a fun “cocktail party” with your friends and family, that’s great! However, if you’re depending on Mark’s website to help you establish meaningful interactions with your fans, clients and customers, then you’re avoiding, denying or resisting the importance of improving, tweaking and growing your own digital storefront.

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