FEAR is the most crippling malady for all artists & entrepreneurs. It hastens doubt, prevents change, stalls growth, clouds choices, dams up the creative flow, stops innovation in its tracks, provokes worthwhile partnerships and joint ventures to crash & burn, and causes both talented artists and experienced CEO’s to “flinch” in the face of a timely decision. It also causes many genius artists to hide in their studios and powerful CEO’s to cower in their offices! As I continue to work with artists & entrepreneurs, here’s what I have found to be their biggest fears:

– What if I make the wrong choice? It could cost me everything!
– What if they find out I’m not worthy?
– I don’t want to disappoint my family.
– What if it all falls apart?
– What if I come off looking small and weak—like a loser?
– What if I don’t make it? What if I do?
– What if we lose our sponsors?
– What if I run out of money?
– What if no one cares?
– What if nothing changes?

We’ve been taught that in the face of fear we only have two options: Fight or Flight. Huh? Really? Only two options to combat the big bad fear beast? How about introducing another choice into the mix: “Fact-Check.” The one thing that usually sends fear running for the hills is truth & facts. Once we are privy to factual information in any situation, whether it’s a business proposition or a health challenge, thereafter it’s always a little easier to proceed with intelligent choices and wise decisions. Make sense?

You must know that as I write this I’m talking to myself. That’s why I have these words tattooed backwards on my forehead so that I see them in the mirror every morning: “React to the FACTS not the FEAR.”

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