If we expect our devoted fans, clients and customers to respond with likes, hearts and happy faces, then we should continue to give them whatever we think will achieve that. However, if we expect them to respond with greenbacks and credit cards, or if we want them to share our videos, stream our music, read our stories, hire us, or purchase our hard work, then we need to give them what THEY want, give them what THEY need, give them something that’s missing in THEIR lives, give them something that doesn’t sound or look like everyone else, or taste like all the others. Give them something they need but don’t know it yet.

Important because we often get trapped in thinking that WE know what’s best—which is usually the same o’l cookie-cutter version of what we’ve been offering infinitum. How’s that working for you? The way to know if that’s working for you is to look at the results you’re producing; happy? The way out of the trap is to take a deep honest look at what’s truly wanted and needed and then simply provide it. Not like a guessing game, more like an intelligent assessment.

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