• You still have your unique abilities and your exceptional talent.

• You still have all of your tech tools and digital trappings, to do your best work and connect with your fans, clients and customers.

• You still have that special quality which very few others have; the ability to “create” your way out of lousy circumstances.

• You still have your crazy, genius ideas, big goals and strong desires, which continue to tug at you, and pull you forward.

• You still have a to-do list of unfinished tasks staring you right in the face.

• You still have business to do and responsibilities to satisfy.

• You still have a circle of influence—those few people in your life who you can count on and consult with.

• You still have the place you stand and the chair you sit in to do your best work.

Important because you still have a fire in your belly to make things happen.

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