The moment greatness is recognized, it jettisons to the top of the heap. Doesn’t matter if it’s a song, screenplay, video, performance or product. If it’s great, word spreads fast and we all clamor for more.

As a pro artist/trep you know what greatness feels like because you’ve experienced it before. That feeling only reserved for those talented creatives who are willing to confidently stand down and trust inspiration and great work to flow through, instead of trying to force it.

Even your bones sing when you achieve greatness. Actually your whole body sings. And all you can do is smile, with that cocky, confident satisfaction of knowing you nailed it. Almost like you’re right on the verge of saying “I told you so.” More like you’re right on the verge of saying “I knew it!” That’s because you did know it. You couldn’t prove it but you could know it.

Important because sometimes we need a gentle reminder that that fleeting feeling of bliss is why we chose the path less traveled. And it’s why we continue to walk the rocky road of an independent, creative artist/entrepreneur. And the secret to experiencing more moments of greatness and bliss is to not reach backwards to try and repeat or recapture it, but rather to drum up the confidence to stand down, lean in and allow creative intuition, divine inspiration, and those great, crazy, genius ideas to simply flow through us.

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