1. You’re not ruthlessly committed.
2. You’re in over your head and afraid to admit it.
3. You overestimated the time and underestimated the cost.
4. There’s a deeper, un-communicated issue going on.
5. You’re stuck that it has to turn out a certain way.
6. You’re too proud to hire a coach to help move things forward.
7. Blaming the technology no longer holds water.
8. You’re still trying to prove something.
9. You buy the story: “this is happening for a reason.”
10. You really believe they’re aren’t enough hours in the day.
11. Your fear of change is slowing the progress to a crawl.
12. You insist that others are slowing the project to a crawl.
13. You don’t know what to do, so you do nothing.
14. You continue to allow procrastination to rule the day.
15. You actually believe that the answer to your bottleneck problem is not on this list.

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