I began meditating daily in 1985 and I must say that the balance I’ve found in my life between the hoopla of rock & roll and thesilence of my soul is astounding. I’m not sure who I would be without this one simple practice in my life. As a vintage meditator I have taught (shared) a unique, simple method of meditating to hundreds of people over the years, including a 10-year stint at two California Federal Penitentiaries, teaching maximum-security prisoners how to tame the beast within and quite the incessant chatter in their heads.

That said, here’s precisely why I meditate:
• I meditate to give my mind a brief break from the relentless chatter of thinking and dreaming, and to allow my Self the sweet, liberating and exhilarating experience of deep silence.
• I meditate to get a little closer to source…God.
• I meditate so that my deepest intuition and wisdom can slowly rise to the surface.
• I meditate to help keep my mind, body and spirit in a healthy, heightened state of equipoise.
• I meditate to calm my body, lower my blood pressure andto release any emotional, mental or physical stress that may be lying dormant in any area of my being.
• I meditate for my Self—not to impress my friends and not to impress God. I simply meditate because I enjoy the process, and it has become a habitual lifelong practice.

Om sweet Om…

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