1. We convince ourselves that what we’re already doing is actually working.

2. Our resistance to change slows our progress to a crawl.

3. We struggle and procrastinate way too long with important choices & decisions.

4. We hire and hang with people who agree with our way of working.

5. We don’t know what else to do, so we do nothing…or repeat the same o’l, same o’l.

6. We’re resistant to learn and reluctant to make full use of the tech tools available today that could actually make a profound difference in the results we produce.

7. We’re too proud to hire an experienced coach or consultant, who could help move things forward.

8. We use the excuse, “it’s because of the money.”

9. We justify, “it’s because of the technology.”

10. We buy the story, “things will eventually return to normal.”

11. We convince ourselves, “we’re not worthy.”

12. We remind ourselves, “it’s all about the journey.”

And while the journey itself has it’s rewards, remaining stuck and stagnant without forward movement is more of a never ending round trip to where you’re already sitting right now.

Important because the question to ask yourself is: What is the real (deep) truth of why it’s taking so long?
– Better question: What will you do if nothing changes and it continues to creep along at this petty pace?

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